Why Facebook is the Best Place to Offer a Coupon


What happens when you get coupons in the mail? They get clipped and lost in the abyss of your desk, or even worse, thrown into a pile of junk mail called the “trash.”  Next thing you know, you show up at your favorite restaurant without it. Or you use the coupon and tell you friends about it, but can’t get them the same deal.

Offering a coupon on Facebook not only makes coupons readily available and accessible, it also gets the word out about your business.


Put away the copy paper and scissors: FB is an easy to use, modern coupon distribution platform

Coupons on Facebook does away with old paper clippings and modernizes the way customers take advantage of offers and discounts. Now they can find it online and print it out when they’re ready to go. They can even pull out their smartphone, download a coupon from your page and redeem it on the spot. It’s that simple.

Offering a coupon on Facebook allows you to distribute your coupon only to those who “Like” your Facebook Page. So what? A Like represents a direct connection between the redeemer and your business which you can use to further communicate with them.

When someone Likes your Page their friends could see it on their news feeds.

And finally, with Facebook’s new Graph Search, people searching for businesses will see results ordered by their friends’ Likes.

What does that mean for business owners like you? It means getting more people through your door with an easily accessible discount, tracking new and returning customers and making a direct connection.


Leverage Facebook’s social features to get customers to spread the word for you

Offering coupons means more Likes for your business page. So what?

Don’t overlook the value of a Like. When someone clicks that four-letter word on your page and uses a coupon, it could show up on the newsfeed of the average user’s 200+ friends.

What else? Customers know what their friends like and Facebook lets them share instantly.They’ll send friends great deals or invite them to try something new.

Using Facebook allows you to gather valuable demographic data, but has limits

When someone redeems your coupon through Facebook, it presents an opportunity to gather some simple demographic data from them. Guests often have little problem with providing a name and email address in exchange for a deal. But be wary of asking for ages, gender, and other more personal details. Asking too much information will cause guests to skip any offer altogether.

Offering a coupon on Facebook is pretty straightforward. Check out our chapter on offering a coupon on Facebook here. As for actually creating and posting the coupon you have two options. Facebook Offers is Facebook’s own coupon system. Its simple and easy to use, however it falls under their advertising offerings and isn’t without cost. Using third party applications provide more flexibility, distribution options, and styling help.