Costs and benefits of running a giveaway on Facebook


More Facebook users admit to “Liking” brands on Facebook for giveaways and similar benefits than for any other reason. Forty percent, to be more precise. Enough that brands would be sorely mistaken not to deliver on those hopes and facilitate brand experience. One of the primary deterrents to offering a giveaway is the perceived cost, but by understanding the benefits beyond sales, businesses might better recognize motivations for arranging a giveaway or similar offering.


Let’s clear the air right away. There are several expenses that come along with giveaways, which can be discouraging.

Time commitment

Giveaways are a commitment. They require a lot of preparation and time devoted to carrying through to final delivery. Determining entry rules, selecting prizes and eventually selecting winners all will require time. Determine whether one big giveaway or many smaller giveaways serve your goals and be ready to invest time and effort to making it happen and making fans happy.

Value of the prize

Chances are sponsoring prizes will cost money. The greater the value, the more people will want it, simply because it would come at no expense to them. The key to investing in giveaway prizes comes with knowing the number and frequency of prize offerings. Align giveaways with goals, either going all in on one big prize less frequently to concentrate buzz within a smaller timeframe, or arrange many smaller prizes more regularly to generate more consistent buzz and interest for regular engagement.

Time and money are valuable, but when applied correctly they can’t match the value of what can be gained. It’s important to not overlook giveaways without putting the cost into the context of the benefits.


One of the easiest ways of making people happy is by delivering what they want. With giveaways topping out the main reasons people “Like” Facebook Pages, they are hard to ignore. Understanding what Pages can gain might help encourage hosting a giveaway of their own.

Grow your Likes

While Pages can’t require users to like the Page or posts as part of a giveaway’s entry, they can limit giveaway access only to fans through “Like-gating.” Clicking “Like” on a page is a low barrier to entry, meaning other interested users will not feel it is at their expense that they are included in the pool of potential winners.

Increase engagement & communication

It’s important to keep your current audience interested and not focus only on new leads. Giveaways, especially more regular small ones, deliver relevant experiences to already interested fans, strengthening the customer-brand bond.

Increased awareness of your business

Eager fans will share the chance for freebies with their networks, putting a Page and the business it represents before more eyes.

Collect visitor data

Since Facebook requires Pages to use third party applications and outside channels, either email or phone, to notify winners, businesses can collect contact info of entrants to bolster their marketing outreach.

Its worth the investment

When businesses have a clear understanding of their goals, they can balance their engagement efforts more efficiently to achieve their desired outcomes. If the potential benefits outweigh the cost, it’s a good investment to consider. Plus, it delivers on an already well-established understanding of people’s main reasons for following brand Pages to begin with. Don’t leave them hanging.

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