5 Fixes to a Lackluster Restaurant Facebook Page

Does your restaurant’s Facebook Page look like crap? No one commenting, no one liking? You’re not alone, but you’re also not without hope. Here’s a few quick fixes you can implement to get the social juices flowing.

Focus on the product

And for you, that is the food, the atmosphere, the location, etc. Post about what sets your restaurant apart. Show them how good the food is with a photo. Let them know about upcoming events in the neighborhood. Do this as if you were telling a friend and don’t sound like an infomercial. Read below for some specific ideas and check out this stellar example from our ‘hood in Reno, NV: www.facebook.com/midtownreno .

Post more photos

People primarily browse Facebook from their News Feed. That’s where you need to reach them and the best way to do this is with photos. On average photos receive 3 times the engagement of a simple text post [Source: Edgerank Checker].


Luckily, this is one of the easiest fixes to make. The key is building a habit. Take a few minutes each day to snap a picture with your smart phone and upload it to your Facebook Page. Some ideas are: photos of the day’s special, the kitchen, weather, etc.

Be personal

Your Facebook Page is great opportunity to show exactly who is behind your business. People love doing business with those who they know. The best way to do this is: 1) talk like you are a human; and 2) talk like you are talking to humans. Most people think of Facebook as a place for interactions between people. They’ll be much more open to participating on your Facebook Page if you have a conversation with them, as opposed to telling them your marketing pitch. Where else can you have a conversation with your customers at one time in one place? Not sure where to start? Ask your fans a question.

Be generous

Forty percent of people Like a Facebook Page to receive discounts and promotions [Source: ExactTarget Facebook X Factors]. We argue that Facebook is in fact the best place to offer a coupon. Facebook has 3 advantages over other methods: 1) Facebook is the place where people go to share and see what others have shared. By offering a coupon on Facebook you’re bringing one of the things people like most to share to the place they like sharing most! 2) Put away the copy paper and scissors. Running a coupon online is no longer difficult to set up or manage. You also reap the added benefits of digitized coupons like detailed tracking and smartphone access. 3) Get some contact information in exchange for a coupon. People will be quick to relinquish an email address or a Like if they perceive a bit of value returned to them. Most online coupon systems allow you to collect a name and email at the least.

Mix it up

Facebook is an evolving platform and what worked well last year might not work as well this year. Consequently, most businesses stick to the basics and blend into the crowd. You’ve got to pave your own trail, but here are a few unconventional ideas: 1) Run a giveaway. These are some of the most popular promotions on Facebook and some of the most voraciously shared. Try building a monthly dinner-for-two giveaway into your Facebook strategy. Tip: make sure you browse Facebook’s Official Rules. 2) Post this question on your Page “What new thing would you like to see on our menu?” and make it so. 3) Make up a meme. Take a sort of funny picture and give it a new caption each week. Example: Bark Box . The bottom line is: do something a little bit unique and let your personality show. You’ll immediately stand out from the majority of pages who are posting the same boring old stuff. Good luck!

Get started

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