3 Ways to Grow Your Business’ Mailing List with Facebook


Your Facebook Page is a great place to encourage people to join your business’ mailing list. The Facebook Page is often seen as the be-all-end-all marketing platform, but it can just as often serve as one piece in your whole marketing strategy. Consumers like Facebook because it offers them a quick way to “connect” to a business (Liking), without providing their safeguarded email address. These same consumers, on the other hand, can be thought of as “pre qualified” for your mailing list. They’re interested in what you’re saying on Facebook, maybe some of them are interested in a bit more info via email. The key to remember is, if you don’t provide quality content in your email campaign, don’t bother asking people to sign up for it on Facebook or anywhere else.

1. Just ask!

The first and easiest way is to simply ask. To do this, explain what kind of emails they will receive in a simple post on your Facebook Page. Make sure you provide a link to a signup form (typically provided by wherever your mailing list is hosted). If others who have already signed up see the post, they might leave a comment as to why they enjoy receiving your emails. Admittedly, this method will get the least results. You could, however, work this into your regular posting schedule and the signups will accumulate over time. Tip: when posting, make sure and include some relevant picture to make it stand out.

2. Offer a coupon

Simply asking people to sign up for your email list is the passive approach, while offering something in return is quite active. You’re promising some reward in exchange for the right to contact someone in the future, so it must be worth it! There are a few different ways to offer a coupon on Facebook. Some require that someone Like a Facebook Page, and others don’t require anything. If, however, someone is willing to Like a Page, they are probably going to be willing to provide an email address as well. Its common courtesy to let the visitor know what kind of emails to expect (think frequency, typical content, how to unsubscribe, etc).


3. Run a sweepstakes/giveaway

This final method can really open the floodgates of email addresses. People entering sweepstakes put much more weight on the upside value of the prize rather than the downside low probability of winning it. Charging a Like and and email address is a low “entry fee” for almost any prize giveaway.

Not sure how to get started with these? Big Like provides dead simple Facebook coupon and sweepstakes applications. Check them out here: http://www.biglikeco.com/apps.php